RANDY: 2010-2013


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RANDY ZINE: 2010­2013
Softcover | 304 pages

Capricious is pleased to announce the release of RANDY a 300­plus page anthology of Randy zines spanning 2010­2013. Initiated by A.K. Burns and Sophie Morner, RANDY was an experiment in publishing, a bold document of queer, trans­feminist arts and activism.

Created under a tidal shift in policy, cultural norms and technology; RANDY explored the collapsing and reconfiguring of queerness in public/private spaces and the so­called female within feminism, queer politics, esthetics and the arts.

Shapeshifting from print to performance to nightclub, RANDY became a workingindex of this transitional narrative, simultaneously looking forward and back through intergenerational images and conversations.

RANDY: 2010­2013collects these urgent, low­budget zines into one compendium book for the first time in the light of full­color.

Contains over 100 interviews, conversations and projects including work by Martha Wilson, Wu Tsang, Leilah Weinraub + Venus X, Cass Bird, Nicole Eisenmen, Niv Acosta, Colin Self,

Katherine Hubbard + MPA, boychild, Stanya Kahn, Sadie Benning, Keltie Ferris among many others.

Full contributor list:

Cass Bird/ Christelle De Castro /Edie Fake/ Io Tillett Wright /Jazmin Venus Soto / Katherine Hubbard /Lee Maida / Leilah Weinraub / Luke Gilford/ Mariana Juliano/ Melissa Shimkovitz/ MPA / Shannon Funchess / Sheila Pepe/ Ulrike Müller/ Wu Tsang/ Jess Arndt / Elizabeth Bethea/ Pauline Boudry/ A.K. Burns/ Nao Bustamante/ Jibz Cameron/ Silvia Casalino / Leidy Churchman/ Hayden Dunham/ Celeste Dupuy­Spencer/ Nicole Eisenman/ Corrine Fitzpatrick / D a p h n e F i t z p a t r i c k / J u l e s G i m b r o n e / G o o d y n G r e e n / K a t h e r i n e H u b b a r d / I n d i a S a l v o r Menuez/ Lessa Millet/ Adam Krause/ Lanka Tattersall / Scott Valentine / Geo Wyeth/ Reina Gossett /Tuesday Smillie /Jen Rosenblit/ Niv Acosta /Julia Gillard / Martha Wilson/ Ramdasha Bikceem(Klub Kid Vintage) / Stanya Kahn/ Emily Hope/ Sadie Benning / Sarah Forbes Keough / Meriem Bennani/ Cassie Peterson/ Kathe Burkhart / Isaac Preiss / Clark Solack / Hanna Wilde/ Melanie Bonajo/ Keltie Ferris / YES! Association / Foreningen Ja! / Harmony Hammond / Litia Perta / Amos Mac / Colin Self / Gordon Hall / Amber Ibarreche / Jon Davies / Boychild / Matthew Stone / Katerina Llanes

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