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MARIANNE VITALE, Generator Stator

MARIANNE VITALE, Generator Stator

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Created on occasion of her solo exhibition One the One at INVISIBLE-EXPORTS, New York, Vitale has created an interactive collage set, Generator Stator, in an edition of 40, placing her signature forms - abandoned and deactivated railroad components, relics of American industrial expansion - in your hands to recombine at will. Based on Colorforms - the re-stickable, flexible vinyl playset invented by two art students in the 1950s and touted to improve finger dexterity, sense of spatial relationship, building ability, and size matching, you can arrange Vitale's rusty, anthropomorphic shapes upon a stark field of weeds. As with the original sets, where children rewrote the narratives of popular characters like Bambi or Popeye through artful play, here the detritus and decay of America torn from its history becomes an alchemical toolbox to channel possible futures. 

Generator Stator2018
Printed paper and vinyl box set
12 x 12 x 1 inches
Edition of 40

Signed, numbered

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