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GVBDL | Collage 107

GVBDL | Collage 107

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Greenwich Village Book Desecration League
Collage 84, 2015
Mixed media
Approximately 7.5 in x 5.5 inches

A project by Aaron Krach & INVISIBLE-EXPORTS.

Keira Alexandra | Bengala | Paul Cavazos | Geoffrey Chadsey | Courtney Childress | Christopher Clary | Eric Doeringer | Delia Gonzalez | Sam Gordon | Karen Heagle | Liz Insogna | Corina Kennedy | Jacki Klempay | Aaron Krach | Karen Lee | Michael Mahalchick | Billy Miller | Risa Needleman | Kelly Niland | Cupid Ojala | Janine Polak | Paul Soulellis | Loulou Viemeister | Tucker Viemeister | Sharon Weitz-Cavazos | William Wood | Etty Yaniv | Justin Yockel

Greenwich Village Book Desecration League (GVBDL) celebrates creative destruction, community, and collaboration. Once a week (or so), a rotating group of artists, writers, musicians, etc. meet to brethe new life into old literature through cut-and-paste methods. Maybe some ink or watercolor. The result: A collective rejuvenation of book parts. A periodical party with production.

Each piece has been worked on by at least two collaborators. A third person has decided if a piece is finished. No signatures. Ever. The artworks are communally owned.

Because not everyone reads, but everyone looks. 

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