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Geof Oppenheimer | Modular Objects Civil Society
Geof Oppenheimer

Geof Oppenheimer | Modular Objects Civil Society

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Geof Oppenheimer
Modular Objects Civil Society

152 pages
6 x 9 inches 
Published by WhiteWalls Inc.
Edited by Anthony Elms

Modular Objects Civil Society creatively reimagines the ways in which communities collectively produce meaning through the social environments they inhabit—and thereby cultivate. At its heart, the book is a reflection on the performance of living, asking how we move, act, and create meaning within a world of objects—and how those objects accrue value in relation to one another. Social meaning, Oppenheimer shows, is formed not by explicit decisions or single, concise gestures, but over time and in relation to other people, things, and images. Oppenheimer argues that we are in a time that offers enormous creative potential, and with this book he points the way toward a reorganization of value along new axes of social energy and commitment.

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